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Mission Park: The Hero Complex

Broken after strained relations, Team Mission Park has all but collapsed. Chris Ember fights on his own terms, but has taken to the role of anarchist with a new zeal. Tessa Faux continues to watch the city with a vigilant and seductive eye, while Apple Orchard lays low in retirement. Timothy Note has returned to his music and Victor Strength is as isolated as he was before he joined the team.

Despite everything, a new threat is festering in the city of Boston. With the stakes at an all-time high, Team Mission Park will unite for a single night to crush an evil plot initiated by the illusive "Executive" that could unravel the foundation of the free world.

Created by Chip Perro and directed by Chip Perro and Rick Perro, Mission Park: The Hero Complex is a comic book extravaganza starring: Chip Perro, Sam Pannier, Lauren Guglielmello, Casey Preston and Christopher G. Pike.

The Mission Park Movie premiered on August 25, 2010 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and the DVD was released in August 2011. Get your copy today!